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Day-long, monthly or year-long memberships are available for purchase online.  Walk-up pricing available at any B-station Kiosk.


If you purchase a membership at the kiosk, you may select a bike by it's dock number. The dock will beep indicating the bike has been unlocked and is ready to remove.


If you pur5chase an annual membership, you will be sent a BCard.  Use this card to quickly unlock bikes from the dock without using the kiosk.  Push the silver button on the bike's dock, then touch your card to the square behind the button.  The dock will beep, indicating the bike is unlocked.

If you already have a membership (24HR, 30-Day, or Annual) but do not have your B-card, use the kiosk to sign in. Use the same credit card that you used to purchase the membership to access your account.

BEST OPTION! Log into your account though the BCycle app. Checkout bikes through the app, select your station/bike and skip the kiosk all together.


Use your BCycle for up to 60 minutes at a time.  Trips that last longer than 60 minutes cost extra.  This discourages cyclists from taking bikes out of the system for long periods of time, helping to ensure there are bikes available for everyone to use.

Your trip ends and the timer resets whenever you dock a bike.


Return your BCycle to any BStation by rolling it into any available dock. Wait for three rapid blinks of the green light and three quick beeps. That’s your signal that the bike has been securely returned. 

(Tip: Opt in for texts. You will get an auto message as soon as your bike is properly docked and/or you are about to incur usage fees.)


Your rides are free for the remainder of your membership as long as your trips are kept within 60 minutes.

How it Works
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